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My work is to create paintings that in design and in conception reflect the beauty and harmony inherent in the design of the world around us.

The images speak witness to a glorious world. Whether a lake bed or a plowed field, the places and subjects that I choose to paint are more likely, out of the way, or along a road where one might take a breath from the faster route. That same field we pass each day may enjoy, on this particular day, a notable light in the sky or snow on the ground. Perhaps rain is pending. Something extraordinary is here on this day and here exists a spirit, a vitality.  This spirit moves me so much emotionally that as an artist , I want to capture whatever this is, and make a painting representing it.  My pursuit is how to recreate this emotional vitality with the tools of  painting. What are the elements fundamental to this scene that will move my audience emotionally as it moved me at this inspired moment?

To this end, good design or composition is essential. The aspects of the scene that imbue it with this emotional vitality must be composed carefully so that my audience will also feel that inspired moment as they stand before my painting.

Using the tools of color, line and spatial arrangement as well as form and texture; the elements are arranged to support one another and work together towards a single vision, a unified statement.

The marriage of that statement with the vital elements therein, is the heart of the painting.
Through harmony, good design, interesting subject matter, beautiful line, attractive form, graceful light and so on, I want to communicate the idea and invite the audience to contemplate, the eternal beauty and truth about this world.  To provide an echo, if you will, of a beautiful world, lovely and excellent in design and purpose.


John Mulcahy

John Mulcahy was born in Wollaston, Massachusetts.

John’s early inclination for drawing and making pictures caught the eyes of his grade school teachers, and at age eight his drawings began to be selected for exhibitions. Mr. Mulcahy pursued art throughout his education, majoring in art and attending classes at the Museum School in Boston, and Mass. College of Art.  Formal studies were completed at the Art Student’s League in New York City, where he studied under Hilary Holmes and Harvey Dinnerstein.   While living in Litchfield, CT., Mr. Mulcahy continued to work closely with well-known landscape artist Curtis Hanson. He participates in local and national shows and sells work privately and in galleries throughout New England and New York State.

Many of Mr. Mulcahy’s landscape oils are often painted entirely on the scene, in all seasons and in just about any weather. His attraction to his subject and the many aspects of being outside in the landscape while painting  go hand in hand. He enjoys the challenge of working with the elements, the endless variation and medley of light, weather, season and view, and even the limitations of dealing with a scene at the moment. All the elements that go into one artists body of paintings, seen together reflect the artist’s vision. In John Mulcahy’s words, “The language of painting speaks for itself in a way that words cannot fully grasp.”

The current display of paintings continue to delve into the fascinating aspects of the natural landscape with a particular emphasis on paint application, including texture variation and simplicity of form. 


  • University of Massachusetts; BA - Boston, Massachusetts
  • Massachusetts College of Art - Boston, Massachusetts
  • The School of the Museum of Fine Arts - Boston, Massachusetts
  • Art Students League - New York, New York


A.R.A. Gallery, So. Hamilton, Massachusetts
The Artist's Eye Gallery, North Hampton, New Hampshire
Potter & Slack, Marbledale, Connecticut
1998-1999 Member of the Visiting Artists Series
Weir Farm Trust National Historic Park - Wilton, Connecticut



Lobby for the Arts - Provident Bank

Paintings from the Sidewalk - Amesbury Massachusetts


The Essex Art Center - Lawrence Massachusetts

Norfolk Library - All the Meadows Wide - Norfolk, Connecticut


The Salisbury Association Land Trust - Acadamy Building
Art Inspired by Nature - Salibury, Connecticut

Norfolk Library - Where Violets Grow - Norfolk, Connecticut
T. Benjamin Fiske - Painting in the Moment - Milton,  Massachusetts
- Small Works Show
- Secret Garden
A.R.A. Gallery - Project Adventure - Ipswich, Massachusetts
T. Benjamin Fiske - Painting in the Moment - Milton, Massachusetts
Wenham Museum - Wenham, Massachusetts
Danvers Art Association - Watershed Art - Danvers, Massachusetts
Crescent Dragon - Haverhill, Massachusetts
Mingo Gallery - North Shore Marshes - Beverly, Massachusetts
Weir Farm - Fete Champetre II - Wilton, Connecticut
Norfolk Library - The New England Landscape - Norfolk, Conn.
Weir Farm Tenth Anniversary Exhibition - Wilton, Connecticut

Stamford Museum - Stamford, Connecticut
A.R.A. Gallery - So. Hamilton, Massachusetts
Wenham Museum - Wenham, Massachusetts
Mingo Gallery - Beverly, Massachusetts
Bethlehem Art Gallery - Bethlehem, New York
Norfolk Library - Norfolk, Connecticut
Pentucket Arts Association - Haverhill, Massachusett
Great Plains National Exhibition - Hays, Kansas
Newburyport Art Exhibition - Newburyport, Massachusetts
Connecticut Landscapes - University of Bridgeport, Connecticut
2nd place Award recipient
Academic Artists Association, National Exhibition - Springfield, Massachusetts
Federal Reserve Bank - Boston, Massachusetts
Oliver Wolcott Library - Litchfield, Connecticut
The Birches - New Preston, Connecticut
Sundance Gallery - Bridgehampton, New York
Woodbury Library - Woodbury, Connecticut
The County Seat - Litchfield, Connecticut
Sundance Gallery - Bridgehampton, New York
Federal Reserve Bank - Boston, Massachusetts
Art Students League - New York, New York
Art Students League - New York, New York
Art Students League - New York, New York
South Shore Art Association - Cohasset, Massachusetts

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