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The Tradition

When I came to my Aunt's house to pick up this gown for my daughters baptism, the garments were hanging from the light in her dining room after she had mended and pressed them. It was like a vision of something out of time, with the light falling on it the way it was. She herself was christened in this gown that her own mother had made. Now at the age of ninety she was the caretaker of the dress that dozens of family members had worn. After the ceremony I kept it for a few months hoping that I could capture it's elegance, beauty and history and the same dazzling light I saw in that moment. The late afternoon sun at my home seemed to have just such an effect enhanced by the sparkling jewel like quality of the glass in the chandelier. What an honor, to paint a precious memory, a family tradition.

This piece has SOLD and is no longer available

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